Using the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize small molecule drug design

Drug Discovery Has Changed

Designing a new drug is more challenging and complex than ever. Disease-modifying medicines for Alzheimer’s, immuno-oncology, metabolic disease or regenerative medicine require a design process that matches the complexity of the underlying biology.

The Power

Numerate has mastered the conflicting demands of complex signal processing by applying advanced, proprietary AI, evolved to use all available data – literally everything the industry currently knows, against multiple, simultaneous drug design objectives. We model real biology and apply our models at a massive scale, sifting through noise to follow signals that elude other approaches.

The Platform

Numerate has created an algorithm-centric process that drives all preclinical decisions, from hit identification through the nomination of a clinical candidate. Our platform is battle-tested and refined by a decade of experience tackling the industry’s hardest problems. It goes beyond modeling protein binding to impact the PK, ADME, and toxicity challenges of discovery.

The Promise

Numerate is applying the platform to unlock valuable biology not easily translated by the traditional approaches. Our focus is on building a valuable pipeline– on our own and through innovative collaborations with academic, government and industry partners. After all, the ultimate promise of AI-guided drug design is not just a faster, cheaper discovery process, but the delivery of better treatments for human disease.


Aug 25-29 in San Diego, CA
John, our CSO, will be presenting at the ACS Fall meeting in San Diego.

Sept 10-12 in Boston, MA
Brandon Allgood, our CTO, will also be presenting on the impact AI is having on translation of biology to discovery and from discovery to the clinic.  At the conference learn how the Life Science and Healthcare communities are embracing disruptive technology and machine learning to accelerate drug discovery.
Oct 8 in New Orleans, LA
Brandon, our CTO, be the keynote speaker at the invitation-only forum for biotech CEOs in New Orleans.  Brandon will be discussing the HR and cultural issues related to AI in Healthcare.
Nov 28-29 in London, UK
John, our CSO, and Brandon, our CTO, will be attending and presenting at the Global Pharma R&R congress in London.