Numerate seeks to overcome major challenges in drug discovery by applying novel machine-learning algorithms, at cloud scale, to the problems of small-molecule drug design.

We founded Numerate in 2007, when the amount of available raw SAR data and commoditized compute were ready to be leveraged by modern machine-learning algorithms. Our goal was to create a powerful new drug design platform that could rapidly deliver novel leads on targets with no need for a crystal structure and with very limited SAR data. Over $40M has been invested to build and validate our platform. We have applied the platform in partnership with a number of biotechnology and large pharmaceutical companies. Currently, we are leveraging the capabilities of our platform to build a broad pipeline of proprietary programs in a range of therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular, metabolic,and neurodegenerative diseases, focused on targets not typically addressed by computer-aided drug discovery.

We believe that the sweet spot for Numerate’s platform is generating lead-optimization or candidate-stage programs. Therefore, we seek development and commercialization partners for the programs we generate.  We are also open to earlier-stage partnerships that can help us bring our projects to clear value-inflection points before licensing them.