Numerate Announces Integration with Google Compute Engine

At Numerate we have relied on cloud compute since the company was started 5 years ago. As cloud offerings have evolved and scaled, so have our needs, so that today we regularly scale to thousands of cores. Given our early adoption and the critical importance of cloud compute to the company’s success, we are very excited to participate in the launch of Google’s new offering. This is especially exciting as it comes at a time when we are beginning to make our cloud compute platform available to external collaborators.

Numerate Announces Integration with Google Compute Engine

SAN BRUNO, CA – June 28, 2012 – Numerate, Inc., a technology platform company that uses proprietary algorithms and the power of cloud computing to transform the drug design process, today announced integration of its platform with Google Compute Engine. Numerate collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners to increase the speed and cost effectiveness of small molecule drug discovery for important diseases such as cancer, infectious disease and neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Numerate’s in silico drug design platform features a set of proprietary algorithms that use machine learning to provide predictive models for molecular properties with accuracies comparable to laboratory testing.  Used in conjunction with cloud computing, these algorithms enable Numerate scientists to search through spaces of billions of compounds to rapidly and efficiently identify those with the highest probability of activity against a specific target.

“The development of new medicines is greatly constrained by the complexities and serendipity of traditional drug discovery methods,” said Nigel Duffy, PhD., Chief Technology Officer at Numerate. “We have built a new computational process to remove this bottleneck by assuming a world with unconstrained access to computational resources. Capabilities like Google Compute Engine make that assumption a reality, allowing us to meet the needs of our growing list of pharmaceutical collaborators.”

“Google Compute Engine is a flexible and easy-to-use platform offering a clean, simple API, a powerful security model, and the rapid provisioning of computational resources,” said Brandon Allgood, PhD., Director of Computational Sciences at Numerate. “Rapid provisioning is critical for us as we elastically scale to thousands of cores in response to our partners’ needs. Google Compute Engine excels in this regard. In fact, with a small amount of effort, we adapted our platform to Google Compute Engine and have already scaled to more than 10,000 cores.”

Numerate, whose drug design system is built on Numatix, an elastically scalable dataflow processing platform for cloud computing, is one of several Google Compute Engine partners.  “To help customers get the most out of our cloud platform products,” explained Eric Morse, Head of Sales and Business Development for Google’s cloud platform, “we work closely with technology companies that provide powerful complementary solutions integrated with our platform.”

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About Numerate

Numerate is a privately held biotechnology company pioneering new computational methods for making the drug design process more data-driven, efficient and predictable. Numerate’s in silico drug design platform combines proprietary algorithms and cloud computing with traditional medicinal chemistry approaches to address, in parallel, the factors that determine the success and failure of a drug candidate. Numerate applies this proprietary platform to design and develop small molecule therapeutics in collaboration with a variety of partners in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic fields.  For more information, please visit