Our Programs

We are applying AI-driven drug design to
generate a valuable portfolio of drug programs

Our business model is aimed at balancing target-related and market-related risks by focusing on programs that fall into two general categories:

Partnership Programs

One part of our portfolio is made up of programs in which there is a pre-defined, pre-negotiated handoff point with a partner, such as lead optimization or candidate-selection. These option-based programs range in terms of the types of targets and areas of application, and are directed at generating assets, in an externalized-research model, for our partners.

Internal Programs

The second part of our portfolio includes programs that we have either initiated entirely in-house with the goal of out-licensing, as we did with our RYR2 program, or pursued in collaboration with academic partners where the goal is to generate either valuable assets, or, as is the case with our ApoE4 program enable the creation of a dedicated NewCo in which Numerate is a shareholder and a partner.

Our primary focus is on emerging drug targets for which the Numerate platform is well-suited to rapidly translate small amounts of information into valuable assets. We concentrate on therapeutic areas of high unmet medical need (primarily in neurodegeneration, immuno-oncology, and cardiovascular disease), and we seek to deliver first-in-class assets that attract broad interest for further investment, licensing, development and commercialization.

These interest areas are:

Neurodegeneration: We are pursuing disease-modifying approaches to Alzheimer’s disease that are distinct from (or complementary to) the beta-amyloid directed programs that have dominated the field to date.
Cardiovascular disease: We are taking fundamentally new approaches to address heart failure, fatal arrhythmias and ischemia/reperfusion injury.

Oncology: Our focus is on enhancing anti-tumor natural killer cell responses, and relieving the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment.

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